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  Friday, October 22, 2021  
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It has been a great year of soccer for both kids and I think the skills you taught last winter had a lot to do with that.



Hi Rick,

Always happy to help you out. Brazilian was such a positive experience for Emily. She just finished grade 9 and is still playing OYSL in Erin Mills. We are the last undefeated team in the league and have a 5 point lead with 5 games remaining. Her team went to a camp at UNC earlier this summer and are in the ONtario Summer games in two weeks with a chance to win their third provincial championship in four years.

Emily is very proud to be a part of the Brazilian fraternity.




Thanks for running a great camp.
Javier really enjoyed himself and his touch and confidence has improved significantly. More importantly, he really wants to do Brazilian in the fall.




Rick and Shayne,


Caitlin has enjoyed her time this year.  I have seen her confidence grow over the last 3 sessions and she is so positive about her time with you.


A personal highlight for Caitlin was making the Ross Girls A team.  

Hope to join you again in the fall and Caitlin is looking for to volunteering for you this summer.


Caitlin has really grown with your program.

Thank You!




Hi Rick,

Simon attended the session last night and it was excellent.

Enjoyed how Shayne emphasizes the teaching of soccer skills and how it
can be used in everyday life.

Simon already is looking forward to next week.

Thank you,
David Guardiero


Thanks guys for the fantastic work you're doing with all the kids!

Count Benjamin in for the next rounds of futebol, including summer camp!




We love your program -the training is just top notch -- as are all the



Hi Shayne and Rick,

Jayden had a wonderful experience at Brazilian tonight. Lots of big
smiles and a willingness to try new things. Thank you, Shayne, for the
warm welcome to him. I think you would agree he quickly felt at ease
with the group and participated well.

Jayden has indicated he would like to come back for more of the January

Early indications are that he will want to register for the Spring
session so please continue to hold a spot for him on Wednesday evenings.

Thanks again for running this great program.

Best wishes,

Suzanne Holder


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