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  Wednesday, June 23, 2021  
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Bermuda Brazilian Girls Football Festival 2013

BFS trip to Bermuda 2013

We call ourselves “50 Strong”.

Fifty of us left for a much anticipated trip to Bermuda on March 28, 2013 to participate in the first annual Bermuda Brazilian International Girls Football Festival. Our touring party included 17 players, coaches, parents, and family members.

Brazilian Futebol School Guelph & Fergus (BFS) was placed in a group that included: Bermuda Brazilian Football School, Bermuda U15 National Squad, and Bermuda Football Academy.

Not knowing what to expect, the fact that we are not a “team”, and that most of our players were still under 13, playing in a U15 division presented a little bit of a nervous situation for our coaches and players.

Game Summaries

Friday March 28th vs. Bermuda Brazilian Football School

The players all equipped themselves very well, but unfortunately lost 3-1 with Abby Struyk scoring the lone BFS goal from the penalty spot.

We were so proud of the effort put forth by every player and it truly was an unfortunate loss. However, every player was a winner on the bus back to the hotel and one would have sworn that they were all teammates for about 10 years. These girls can sing!

Saturday March 30th vs. Bermuda U15 National Squad

With jet lag out of the way (well, that was our excuse), the coaches met very early the next morning to discuss tactics and how to approach the game against the National Squad.

“Keep them off the score-sheet and stay in the game” was the approach, while still trying to “play football”.

Well a totally different BFS team showed up for this game. With all the singing out of the way, a better focus, and plenty of rest, the players did more than “keep them off the score-sheet”. In fact, it appeared that we “took the game” to them. A good overall performance once again by the entire squad of 17 players.

Final score 0-0.

17 players from different clubs, all representing BFS Guelph and Fergus truly came together on this day. 17 captains on the field, but only one captain on the bus back to the hotel, leading the choir. Captain Brennan. The singing was incredible!

Could this be the sign of things to come?

Sunday March 31st vs. Bermuda Football Academy (BFA)

We were all set for the final game of the weekend. The only thing that was missing was a few goals. Could this be the day?

The game started off vibrantly with both teams playing some really good football, making it a pleasure to watch.

Abby Struyk put BFS with a well Struyk(sorry, excuse the pun) goal from just outside the 18 yard area . This set the tone for the BFS squad.

Anna Wright-Lacatus added a second, and Bermuda Football Academy pulled one back to cut the BFS lead to 2-1.

Anna Wright Lacatus however, put the contest to bed, when she was Wright (oh another one) on the money, with a goal, that had her dad wishing he had recorded it (maybe he did).

Final score: 3-1.

Fantastic performances from all 17 players but the true winners over these three days were: Friendship, Sportsmanship, Hospitality, Football, and the support of our “50 Strong”.

Singing? Well, use your imagination and take a seat on the bus back to the hotel.

Click here for pictures from the trip.

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