Brazilian Futebol School
  Friday, October 22, 2021  
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Brazilian Futebol School, Guelph and Fergus, Ontario began in 2009.

Brazilian Futebol School (BFS) exists to serve players in their pursuit of excellence in both soccer and life.

BFS training involves commitment, dedication and a desire to become the best a player can be. The central aim is to deliver quality technical and tactical skills training for soccer.

Every player has a place at BFS. Our unique system of ball mastery, passing and receiving in very tight spaces improves every player's confidence on the ball. The more confidence they develop on the ball, the better the decision making process becomes. It is here where BFS players build their foundation for excellence.

Beyond all of this, each player is taught the value of responsibility with care of their uniform, the value of contribution through our charitable causes in our community and respect for others through our fair play and "Thanks Mom and Dad!" "Thanks coaches!" initiatives.

At BFS, all of the coaching staff work diligently and professionally to provide your son or daughter a positive learning environment where they can become their best. It has always been our privilege to work with your sons and daughters.

Our team of qualified coaches have many years of experience; as players, coaches, and educators. We strive to provide an environment that we feel players will succeed in, not only as players but as young people too.

Players are taught to respect their fellow teammates, coaches, and parents.

Thank you for your interest in Brazilian Futebol School, Guelph and Fergus, Ontario.




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