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  Sunday, November 27, 2022  
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Team Statisician and Lower Lakes Statistician

  1. Permit to Travel and Play Outside of Canada

  2. OWHA Form A Submission

  3. The "Compete" button is Missing?

  4. I can't enter the jersey number 0 or 00

  5. How do I access the Individual PIM Scoring Stats Report

  6. Where do I find the LLFHL League Help Documents?

  7. I don't know the penalty code

  8. Form A Games - Suspension Codes

  9. If there are 2 Team Statistician assigned to a team, can they both receive game approval email?

  10. How do I Access the Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report?


Permit to Travel and Play Outside of Canada

(OWHA only)

This can be used for any team within the OWHA

The team statistician for the team that is requesting a travel permit needs to log in as a team statistician 

(the Association Registrar is responsible to register the Team Statistician to his/her role) 

Then proceed to go to Compete->Sanction Permits.

Click Add New and then fill out the form and submit it.


If you do not have access as the Team Statistician, you need to contact the Association Registrar for your club and request to be rostered to the team as a Team Statistician 

(via Register-> Team Roster ->Add Team Official). Then he/she will have access to log in to his/her team and use the Sanction Permit process.

OWHA Form A Submission

The following is the information on how to use the OWHA Form A submission:

 The following roles have access to Form A submissions:

  • Association Liaison 
  • Team Statistician


For Association Registrars to have access they must sign themselves up as Association Liaison and then login using the Association Liaison Role. 

For Association Liaison and Team Statisticians you must contact your Association Registrars for them to provide you with access.

To get to Login page: go to https://gw.itsportsnet.com/admin/v21/OWHASignon.php?action=new

Userid/Email:  Enter your email address

Password:  Enter your password (Use the password emailed to you initially)

If you are a Team Statistician having difficulty getting access – first call must be to your Association Registrar; then the OWHA Registrar, registrar@owha.on.ca.

If you are the Association Registrar, please contact the OWHA at registrar@owha.on.ca

Forgot Password? Click on “Forgot Password” and your password will be emailed to you. 

NOTE:  LLFHL can not see nor edit Form A games.  Contact OWHA info@owha.on.ca

The "Compete" button is Missing?

The "Compete" button is Missing?

It is very likely that you are assigned more than one ROLE for your team within the OWHA.  Please try logging in again, but this time, pay close attention to the ROLE that you are selecting.

Make sure you choose Team Statistician Role - as that is the role you need to have in order to see the Compete Button.

I can't enter the jersey number 0 or 00


How do I Access the Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report?

A:  This report is only available to the association member registered as 'League Liaison' and is only available to Lower Lakes Associations and other Leagues within OWHA

1. Log into the Admin Area using the Role of League Liaison (http://www.itsportsnet.com/admin/v21)
2. Click on 'Report', then 'Lower Lakes Custom Reports' (tab)
3. Beside 'Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report', click 'Run'
4. On the resulting screen, select the team from the dropdown, then click the 'Search' button.
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and click the button to Export to MSExcel. Make sure that you save the file as type .xls -- some versions of MSExcel realize the data is coming from a webpage, and try to save the file as Type: Webpage, which is not too useful. (Make sure to save as type .xls)
6. E-mail the MSExcel file to the Team Statistician/Coach etc who requested the stats.

Where do I find the LLFHL League Help Documents?

Please visit the LLFHL website directly for all help documents




This is a great resource for entering schedules: http://www.llfhl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/2014-2015-LLFHL-Ivrnet-Training-Statistician-Role-Presentation.pdf

(Please note, this is the one from last season, this has not been updated for this season - so this URL will most likely change - please check back later, once league has started).


I don't know the penalty code

The correct penalty codes have been posted by the Lower Lakes Female Hockey League on their website for the current season




Form A Games - Suspension Codes


  Team statisticians can now enter the suspension codes when adding the game details.  

When this is done, an email is automatically sent to discipline@owha.on.ca containing the details.


If there are 2 Team Statistician assigned to a team, can they both receive game approval email?

 The way the system is setup, is that only the first team statistician statistician assigned to the team receives the emails.

If you wish to have others receive this email - you can go into your email settings/provider, and set up a filter in their email software to auto forward those emails to the other members who you wish to receive that email.



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