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  Saturday, May 25, 2019  
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Frequently Asked Questions - Online Credit Card transactions:

1) Are there limitations that we should be aware of with regards to Online Credit Card Refunds?

There has been a change in the returns process for credit card refunds. 

In the past there had been no limit to the time period that a transaction could be refunded by. However, due to new Payment Card Industry compliance standards refunds can only be done up to 90 days from the date of the original transaction. The customers this will most likely impact are customers that do reconciliations (and therefore refunds) late and/or those that refund parents a volunteer fee at the end of the season if they volunteer during the season.


Please be aware of this change. Refunds can only be processed for 90 days following the date of the original transaction.


 Please note that VISA and MC are enforcing this on all merchant processors therefore, this limitation will be Canada and US wide for all processors.

Merchant Processors you may see associated with ITSportsNet products include Elavon, Beanstream and JetPay.

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