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Update on the upcoming season 


At the present time Red Deer Volleyball will not be playing games during the fall as some gyms are up in the air and I want to make sure we have no interuption in our schedule. I might look at doing a shortened season in the new year if things are stable. 

Be save and stay healthy.

Good luck to all teams this year.

Team Contacts can only enter scores

Division 1 and 2 will play on Mondays, Division 3 and 4 will play on Tuesdays, and Division 5 and 6 will play on Thursdays.I will be posting the closing date for registrations and the start date of the league later this week or next week. 

This year the movement on teams will only occur with division playing on the same night. So this means that if you finish first in division 3 you will be staying in division 3 for the second half of the season.

Good luck to all teams. 

Game Times For This Year:

Glendale Gym: 7:00 pm and 8:15 pm. We must be out of the gym at 9:30 pm.

When playing at Glendale school, if you are the last teams playing you must take down the poles and nets and put them away. These must be put away every night after we use the school. 

Penhold MultiPlex: 7:45 pm and 9:00 pm

Registering Your Team To Play  

So there is no confusion, you must complete the following two things in order for your team to be registered for the season.

  • you must register your team online
  • you must pay your teams fees
    • go to the My Locker button and follow the instructions (you might need to register yourself if you do not have an account)

If you do not complete both of these tasks then your team is not registered. Once these are completed I will activate your team in the division that you registered for.

The cost is $700.00 per team and only cash, certified cheques, interact etransfer or money orders are used for payment. (NO personal cheques)

Looking To Play

Are you looking to play?? Send your information to me (Click on this Link) and I will put you on the Players Looking to Play List. Make sure to include your name, gender, Contact Information, and any comments that you will like to make and I will post this info for you.

Some important things to know for this year:

  • To force an update of a page click on the date at the top right hand corner and it will force the page to be updated to the most recent update. This is important as last year some teams could not find the schedule even after it was posted. By clicking on the date the schedule appeared.
  • The match is forfeited if a team does not have enough players to play 15 minutes after the scheduled time to play. For example if a team is scheduled to play at 8:00 and they do not have a team by 8:15 then the match is forfeited.
  • As in past years after the first nine weeks, the 1st place team in a division will move up a division and the last place team in a division will move down a division. 1st place in division 2 will move up to division 1 and the last place in division 1 will move down to division 2. 1st place in division 4 will move up to division 3 and the last place in division 3 will move down to division 4. 1st place in division 6 will move up to division 5 and the last place in division 5 will move down to division 6.
  • The only time that games will be cancelled will be when roads are closed. If the roads are not closed and a team feels the roads are not safe enough to drive on make sure to call the other teams contact to cancel the games. At this point each team can split the games as one win for each team. I will reschedule games for road closures and nothing else.
  • Just a quick note about net height. Net height should be set around the mens height level.
  • Please make sure that your team contact is correct with a working phone number.

Or By Phone
Coed Contact: Terry Krushelnicki 358-5592
Womens League:


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