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  Saturday, May 25, 2019  
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Player Transfer Options

There are three options on how to handle player transfers within a district:

  1. Allow clubs to freely transfer players between the clubs.
  2. Require District approval for players to be transferred.
  3. Do not allow any transfers, Clubs keep completely seperate databases.

1. Allow Automatic Transfers

Club registrars are able to search the entire District Database of players and transfer any player to thier club.

2. Require District Approval

Clubs are able to search the entire District Database of players. They are able to see PlayerID, PlayerName and PlayerBirthday. They are then able to request that the player be transferred to their club. The District then needs to approve the transfer before the Club has access to the Players Information.

A club reigistrar does a search all and finds the player within the district and requests a transfer. A transfer request is sent via email to the district and the district (once they have recieved or verfied the transfer is valid) transfers the players.

3. No Transfers

In this case there is no configuration required. A player would have a unique Player ID within each club that they played in.

Created by: ITSN -- Last updated:Mar 12, 2019

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