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  Wednesday, July 17, 2019  
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District Types

There are generally two different roles and thus two different types of districts within ITSportsNet.

Registration Districts: These districts are only concerned with player registration. They are responsible for collecting registration data from the clubs. Within ITSportsNet the District uses ITRegistrar. Each member club uses their own ITRegistrar account, but the District has the ability to login in to District ITRegistrar and act on behalf of any of the member clubs. The District also has the ability to require district approval for player transfers and to have district approval for age authorization.

League Districts: These districts run a competitve league. They setup divisions or leagues for clubs to register their teams to. Within ITSportsNet these districts use ITLeagueManager. In ITLeagueManager they are able to setup the season, divisions, and teams. Member clubs are also able to register teams to the District League (if the league allows that option).


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