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Elavon - Reconciliation


1. Go to www.ntpnow.com

2. Enter your NTP Login ID and your password Click on Proceed button.

3. Click the 'Reports' button

To see the individual transactions, please Click the Transaction report button.
1. Choose the Start and End dates
2. Choose your restrictions if necessary, ie credit card type, transaction type, member name, or last 4 digits of the card number
3. Then click the View Report Button.

The NTP or Elavon list of payments can be matched to a report in ITRegistrar.

1. Login www.itsportsnet.com/admin/v21
2. Report, then choose Financial Reports
3. Click on [Registration New Payment Report]
4. The Payment Report -- Invoice List appears
5. Match the transactions in the New Payment Report to the NTP or Elavon list of transactions to ensure you have received payment for each invoice. Note that the Invoice ID toward the left edge of this report corresponds with the Order Number in the NTPNow Report or Elavon Report so the transactions can easily be matched up. Note that voided invoices are listed separately.
6. Match the total of each batch of transactions to you bank statement to ensure the correct amount was deposited to your bank account by Elavon (transactions are listed by date deposited and can be added up, if using the Elavon report).

Remember to include voided invoices that have payments attached when you do your reconciliation. Voided invoices with payments attached have authorization codes - this is how you can tell if the voided invoice was processed as an on line credit card transaction. Voided invoices are accessed by clicking on the [Voided invoices] line on the bottom of the Payment Report page. Also, if you have done returns associated with the voided invoices these will have to be included when reconciling to the cash you receive in your daily bank deposits.

There is a timing difference between when a transaction occurs and when you will receive the funds deposited into your account. NTP provides the following advice on matching the dates of your reports from NTP to the batch deposits. This information is also on the batch deposit reports screen (under reports) in NTP:

To determine the transactions that make up the batch please run a transaction report.
Set the starting and ending dates to reflect the previous x number of business days.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are not business days.

For example a previous batch report run on a Monday will include transactions from the previous Friday.
A batch report run on Tuesday will include transactions from Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Visa and MasterCard transactions are deposited together in 2 to 3 business days.

You may also receive detail of your batch deposits in Elavon by logging in at www.merchantconnect.com. Batch deposit reports can be downloaded from this site. You will need your Elavon merchant ID and your chequing account number to register. Once you are registered at this site you will be able to access deposit reports from the reporting menu as well as your Elavon statement.

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