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  Wednesday, July 17, 2019  
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Here is a list of some reports that are available via the Reports Tab

Note that you may not see all reports due to the type of access that you have been assigned.

If the name of the report is not indicative of the contents, there may be a decription at the bottom of the page.  

Have a peek  at the reports...the information that you collect is viewable in many variations.


Admin Login Report

List of Admins

List of Admins Summary


Org Membership

All Org Membership


Registration History

Compare Season Registration- 1st-15000

Compare Season Registration- 2nd-15000- if applies

List of New Players

List of Returning Players


Basic Registration

Age and Category List

Member Organizations

Teams In Divisions

Unique Player Report - ALL Categories


Online Registration Reports

nvoice Fee Types

Invoice Items - fee > $0.00 - Role Player (draft)

Invoice Items from Invoices (same format)

Invoice Items with Fees&Reg Status&Pay't Status

Invoice Line Items

 Invoice Line Items with CC Payments

Invoice Line Items with Payments

 Invoices that have been voided

Payment Items from Invoices (same format)

Payment Items from Invoices (same format) - Today

Ratings Report

Summary of Online Reg Payment


Role Reports

Referee Role Report  

Role Report

Member User/Password Lookup

Player Hard Cards with Picture

Basic Schedule

Missing Game Sheets

Officials Assigned to Games


Basic Standings

Cautions this Season

Dismissals this Season


Member Reports

Registration Report

Team Roster Report (by Division)

Member Area Login Report

 Player Cards

District League Registration Report

GoverningBody Registration Report

Team List Report

Team Approval Report

 Unique Members Registered

 Duplicate Registrations

 Class Registration Report


Financial Reports

Registration New Payment Report

 Online Registration Report

 Registration Role Report

Registration Exception Report

Financial Category Report

Category Fee Report

Invoice Report


Other Reports

Pre-printed Registration Forms

Find Player

 Player Postal Code

Mailing Labels

IF the report you require is not available in your reports list...please create a case (Communicate > Create Case)  to inquire about how you can view your information.

More details about some Financial Reports:

Financial Reports > Registration New Payment Report.

You may see different numbers listed under different columns:

Incomplete: These are invoices and registrations that have been started but the member has not finished all of the requirements to complete the registration.

Complete/No Registration: All of the requirements for a registration are complete but payment has not yet been made, or the check payment has not been applied by the club. Members and players who are in this column do not appear in the registration report, as the system does not consider anyone registered until they have paid.

Partial Payment: Your club may use this when you have payment plans for members. A player will show up in the registration report after a partial payment has been made, but the invoice will remain in this column until the balance is paid.

Complete/Registered: These are invoices that are complete and paid in full. The member will show up as registered in reports.

Best Practice
Monitor these reports throughout the online registration, delete duplicates if necessary and send out email reminders (Please send your payment, please login and finish their registration etc. ) to those with Incomplete and Complete No Registration invoices. At the bottom of each invoice list, there is a box where you can type a message, and send the message and invoice

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