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  Sunday, August 25, 2019  
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 Fequently asked Questions.

How to point to ITSportsNet DNS and IP Address:

If customers are leaving the DNS service with their current provider (current provider name servers), then the current provider would make the changes to point to our DNS:

ns.rackspace.com IP:

ns2.rackspace.com IP:


Domain has been transferred to ITSportsNet: what happens next?

Your domain transfer has been authorized and we are almost done with the whole process. We now must wait for the current (losing) registrar to process the approval and pass it along to the new registrar (our registrar). This process can take up to 7 business days and unfortunately, we do not have any influence on the time that it takes for them to process it. Once it has been processed, we will be notified by our registrar. At that point, we are able to update the DNS for your domain so that it will now point to your new site.

If you have not yet already let us know when you would like your new site to go live, please email us and let us know what the Go Live date is for your new site.

Please keep in mind that once you have notified us that you are ready for your site to go live, it will take 12-24 hours for the new DNS to propagate and allow your new site to be visible by everyone. Some servers  process the DNS faster than others so your site may be available sooner than the 12-24 hour window.

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