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This list shows any users with Administrative access and their roles assigned for using ITSportsNet v2.1  
If they show in this list without a role, it means they currently only have access to the ITSportsNet Control Panel. 

This is also where to Assign a Category for an Age Group Coordinator if your role has access to do this:
Here is the preliminary step. 
A) Register this person as an Age Group Coordinator, via
    1) Register > View Manage > Member Search and select the person,
    2) In their registration list...click on New League Official Registration
    3) Choose Age Group Coordinator and assign a termination date of end of season if you would like this access to only last for one season.
B) Assign Category to Registered Age Group Coordinators
    1) Click Category beside the person you want to restrict by age category. 
    2) Click checkmarks into each of the categories for this AGC and click Save

View our Prezi on Creating and Deleting Admins in v2.1

Created by: Beth Draper -- Last updated:Sep 15, 2011

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