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Opening a link in a new window

There are two ways you can open a link in a new browser window. The first is by using straight HTML and the second is using a Java Script we have included automatically in your website.

Examples of the two methods:


Enter you link as you would normally. But in the target window type in what you would like to call the window. See the example below.

Here is an explanation of choices in Target Window
_blank: Indicates a new window.

_parent: Specifies the parent frame which contains the source link.

_self:  The new document is loaded in the same frame.

_top: This indicates a new document window. It is a good way to break out of frames and load the document in the same window.

One of the drawbacks of this version is that you have no control over what size the new window is our how the browser will behave. To get more control over the new window use the Java Script we provide.

Open a new window using Java Script

Using the Java Script will allow you to open your page in a new window

If the page you are opening is:


Instead of using just the above code you would use the following:


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