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Here is what we require to start the Elavon Merchant Account Setup:

  • Complete the attached Elavon worksheet. Please note that Elavon will NOT accept incomplete applications from us - ALL fields must be complete, including the refund policy.
  • Proof of Non-profit status or SIN numbers for both officers
  • Copy of your latest financial statements: income statement and balance sheet

Elavon Worksheet

Please complete the attached form and email it back to me.  Please provide as much detail as possible.  We will transfer this information to the actual application form and email it back to you for signing.

Proof of Non-profit status or SIN numbers

This is essential to getting your merchant account.  Elavon requires some official document stating that your organization is not-for-profit, or tax exempt.  It can be from the federal, provincial, or municipal government.  Usually, your organization's Certificate of Incorporation will state non-profit status. If you have filed a tax return, this may also be used.  Other sources include bingo licenses, business licenses, or other municipal applications that require you to prove tax exempt status.  

If you cannot provide such a document, then your officers can provide their SIN numbers.  Rest assured that this information will be kept confidential and safe.

Copy of your latest financial statement and balance sheet

The Elavon underwriters need to see that your organization is financially stable and it helps determine what your processing limit will be.

What happens next?

We'll email the completed application form to you along with a Merchant Agreement.  Print them and have your officers sign and date the two forms where instructed.  Fax the forms to 1-866-641-8219. 

We'll submit the complete application package to Elavon.  The account should be set up within 3 business days.  If more information is required, you'll be contacted.  You'll be provided with a login for your merchant account where you'll be able to keep track of all your transactions and run reports.

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