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  Saturday, February 29, 2020  
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You can now edit the colors of your website and change the date bar message.

Changing the color of your website

1)Go to IT WebMaster, and click on 'Site Settings'. Then click on the link to the area you want to change the color for (main site color, date bar, menu color, font color).

2)You will see a small form that states your 'Current Color' for your website. At the bottom of the page you will see various colors along with the color codes. If you click on the color it will put the new color code in the 'Current Color' box.

3) If you decide that you don't want that color after all, you can click the 'RESET' button and it will put it back to the original color code (provided that you have not clicked the 'SAVE' button yet). If you do want to make the color change click on 'SAVE' to save the changes to the site.

Changing the date bar message

The date bar message appears on that same bar that the date is on (towards the top right hand corner of the screen).

1) Go to IT WebMaster, and click 'Site Settings'. Then click on the 'Edit Date Bar Message' link.

2) You can then change your message and click the 'SAVE' button.  

Created by: Lena Hodgson -- Last updated:Aug 26, 2003

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