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  Saturday, May 25, 2019  
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Launch ITWebmaster

When you view ITWebmaster you will see a list of 'folders'. Those folders represent 'buttons' on your website. Folders are the main buttons on the website that appear in your menu.

'Sub folders' represent the buttons that appear when you hold your mouse cursor over a main button.

'Pages' can be linked from buttons, or can also appear to look like a 'sub folder' would on the website. 'Sub folders' are only ever needed if you want one of the buttons off a main button to link to more than one page. If you do not see your page under the folder you have it linked to, you will probably find it under 'pages unassigned to folders'.

This will allow you to easily organize your data into folders, which then are displayed on your website as buttons, flyouts and pages.

1) Creating a 'folder'

a) Click on the 'Add New Folder' link near the top of the page.

b) Fill in the form.
       'Folder Name' is what will also appear on the website as the button name.
       'Link button to page' is used if you want that folder to link to a page you created, or link to an outside site.
       'Folder Order' is the order the button will appear on the website 
       'Hide folder' will hide the folder (button) from being displayed on the website menu.

c)Click on the 'SAVE' button to create the folder.

2) Creating a 'sub folder' ? once you have some folders created you will see them listed with the rest of your folders. If you click on 'properties' next to the folder name, you will be given the option to change the folder name, create a link, reorder the folder, or hide/unhide the folder'. Click 'SAVE' to save your changes to the folder.

3) Creating a 'page'

a) You can create a page for a specific folder by clicking on the 'add page' link next to the folder. If one page is added, then the page will link directly to the page from the folder on the website. If more than one page is added, the folder will show all the pages by appearing as flyouts on your website (the page names will appear when you hold your mouse over the button on your menu).

b) You can also create a page outside any folders by clicking the 'add page' link next to 'Pages unassigned to folders'. The 'Pages unassigned to folders' is just a place to hold all the pages that currently do not need to work like 3a (above). You want to use this method to create a page if you want to later link that page to a folder. For example, if you create a page and then click on the 'properties' link next to the folder name, you can choose your page from 'link button to page', which will then link the folder (button) directly to the page when you click on it. This method will not create a sub folder (flyout menu) for the page.

4) Moving a folder ? To move a folder click on 'move' next to the folder name. You will then be prompted to choose a folder to move it to (thus creating a sub folder). If you want to move a sub folder to be a regular folder, simply click on 'move' next to the sub folder, and then do not choose a folder, just click the 'MOVE' button.

5) Deleting a page ? You can delete a page by clicking 'delete' next to the page you want removed.

6) Deleting a folder ? You can only delete a folder that has nothing it in. Therefore, you will need to 'move' or 'delete' any pages within the folder before you can delete the folder. To delete the folder you need to click 'delete folder' next to the folder you need to remove.

There is a new section added to ITWebMaster called "Member Folders". To learn more about member folders click here.

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