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ITSportsNet (ITSN) Support Documents Wednesday, May 22, 2019  
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To upload a document or pdf to your website, please use the following steps:
1. Login to the admin area and click on ITWEBMASTER
2. Click on the tab marked GRAPHICS
3. There will be three fields for you to fill in:
- From the DIRECTORY dropdown menu, select DOCUMENTS
-Location of the uploading file- Click on BROWSE and find the file that you have saved and press OPEN
- File Name (include ext.): There must be no spaces, dashes or symbols in the file name
You will see a message that you file was uploaded successfully to the directory. If not, check your title and ensure it is in the proper format.
5. The document will now be available in the the directory of current documents, located under the GRAPHICS tab, if you scroll down.
6. The url's of each of the documents is located beside its name and is available for you to copy and paste.

To place a document on your page, type the name of the link as you would like it to appear on you page, highlight it, click on CREATE OR MODIFY LINK(), click on the PRE-DEFINED LINKS drop down menu, select the document you want to link and press INSERT LINK

Uploading and Inserting Graphics on your Website
To place a graphic on your page, click on the INSERT/MODIFY IMAGE () icon
- click on BROWSE to select the graphic you your computer you would like to display
- click on UPLOAD, once uploaded look in your graphics library
- select the graphic you wish to display, and press INSERT. 

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