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  Friday, February 28, 2020  
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ITWebMaster - Member Folders

The 'Member Folders' section will allow you to communicate more effectively with specific roles in your club.

For example: You  can create pages for team officials. When a team official logs into the members area, they can view that all the pages assigned to team officials. Anyone that logs into the members area can view information based on roles (team official, team player, volunteer, etc). Therefore, if you create a page for team officials, then when a team player logs in, they will not have access to any of the team official pages. 

You can communicate in 2 areas:
1) Through the members area home page. 
2) Through the specific role pages.

Members Area Home Page
To create the members area home page, login to ITWebMaster, and click on "Add Member Folder". Then click on "add page" next to the "Member Area Home Page" folder.

If a home page is already created for the members area, you can edit the page, clicking on the '+' next to the "Member Area Home Page" folder, and then clicking "edit" next to your page.

Specific Role Pages
To create specific role pages, login to ITWebMaster, and click on "Member Folders". Then click on the "add new member folder" link. Now you can create a folder to store the pages for a specific role, and then choose which roles you want to have access to this folder.  

To add pages to this folder, click "add page" next to the folder you just created. All pages that are added to this folder will only be available to the roles you gave access when you created the folder.


Created by: Lena Hodgson -- Last updated:Jun 22, 2004

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